Saturday, October 20, 2012

Today, a Fall Photo Shoot

We headed out early this afternoon . . . Four boys, Four dogs, One daughter, One Mama and the camera.

I learned a long time ago . . . poses do not work well with children, or pets . . . So, in between the chaos, this is the end result:

1181 photos . . .
I narrowed down to my favorites . . .


Immediately after beginning the "shoot", Emma decided to slip her collar and run off. The boys quickly captured her. 

Cody and Katelyn watched the "show".

Add in a few MOVEMENT shots . . .

Make one a little vintage looking.


EJ and Seeley, Mia and Cody

 Of course, Fall Photos would not be complete without LEAVES!

and while the leaves were flying,
Katelyn held onto the furry babes.

 I never, never, ever allow my children to stand atop a table . . .
unless I am trying to get a great photo!

Notice, their fingers seem to be counting . . .

on THREE . . .

Thanks guys!

This park has a gorgeous gazebo/trellis area!

It was a bit difficult to get all of the kids PLUS the dogs to look forward . . .

Dog behinds seemed to be the theme!


Seeley Booth

Cameron Michael

Evan James 

Cody Alexander  

Ryan Matthew

Katelyn Elisabeth 

Beckett Bryn

Cody and Beckett

Mia Grace and Beckett Bryn
(Grandma calls Mia . . . Mia MYA)

Emma Elysse 

 This photo makes me shake my head.
Seeley Booth . . . Really?

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Leslie said...

Looks like a lot of fun! I love the matching sweaters and what a beautiful girl surrounded by those handsome little men.

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