Wednesday, October 24, 2012


We have MADE it once again to Wednesday evening . . . 
the weekend is coming!!!!!

Today was hair color day for me . . .
I think my hair grays faster since Homeschool has started!
I am seriously not kidding!!!
I just may have to move to every THREE weeks instead of four!
It was very relaxing to sit in the chair and get my hair done!!!

While I was busy with the necessities of getting the white my hair color beautified . . .
My sweet hubs was taking our three youngest boys to get their flu shots. I was THRILLED!
The boys were excellent about the shot . . .
not even a tear!

Randy has NOT had his flu shot or Pertussis Booster . . .
the boys are staying on top of him about it though!!!

Tonight I am ready to chill out . . .
my shoulders have had enough for the day and are achy.
Chilling out with my furry baby is just what I need!

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