Sunday, October 14, 2012

One Big O Dreary Day

The past two days have been dreary, gray and rainy.
Once in a while we get a little break and send one of the boys outside with Seeley Booth to run off some energy.

Tonight brings studying for quizzes and tests tomorrow for two of the boys . . . of course, they are NOT thrilled in the least.
Spelling, Science, History and Reading tests and quizzes.
Needless to say, this mama has been pretty busy "studying" with the boys. Sheesh . . . fourth and fifth grade over and again.

Dinner is done and all cleaned up . . .
Bacon, eggs and toast with orange juice.
Everyone was hibernating upstairs until the smell of BACON made its way to their noses . . . one by one they headed to the kitchen.
and that ~ MAKES ME SMILE!!!

I have a book I have been wanting to read . . .
guess I will get to it.

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