Thursday, September 20, 2012

ZERO Brain Cells

Here at home, I was amazed at how many times my boys either said or did something of which Zero brain cells were required.
I am seriously NOT kidding.

~ Today after school we were wiping out my car. I asked one of the boys to use the vacuum on the floor of the car. I was wiping the front seats when all of a sudden "misc. dust and stuff" was blowing all over my car. Immediately I asked my son if the vacuum was vacuuming or was it blowing. Immediately I heard BLOWING. It was then I asked, "Did you not think it was important for the vacuum to be sucking up instead of blowing?" His answer . . .
"Well, yea" To which I asked, "Well, why didn't you say anything to me about it blowing?" No answer, simply a BLANK stare ~ 
absolutely ZERO brain cells being used.

~ Son, are you wearing your little brothers shirt? 
answer: No
Well, it looks like it. (child wears an 8-10)
What size is that shirt?
answer: SIX
Can't you feel that the shirt is too small for you?
answer: yea
Well, why are you wearing it?
answer: 'cause it was in MY closet

~ Who pee'd all over the toilet seat?
answer x 4: NOT ME!

~ Did you make your bed?
answer: I didn't mess it up.
How did you sleep in it and not mess it up?
answer: I slept on top of the covers, so I didn't have to make it.

~ Son, it doesn't look like you have a Goodnights underpants on.
answer: 'cause I ran out.
O.k. don't you think you should have told me?
answer: I didn't want to because I didn't want to wear them.
What are you wearing under your pajamas?
answer: nothing
What about underwear?
answer: no . . . I am not wearing them
Why not?
answer: because I am suppose to be wearing pull ups 'cause I pee the bed.
O.k. but you ran out of them and didn't tell me, right?
answer: yes
O.k., so then you should wear underwear right?
answer: no, I am suppose to wear pull ups 'cause I pee the bed.
Yes, I know that . . . but you ran out of them.
(around and around and around ~ getting no where)
Said child has not had any accidents since and wears undies to bed like he is supposed too.

I am not teasing . . . sometimes I have to shake my head!

Then there are the completely random, funny things they say or do:

~ This afternoon the telephone rang. The boys raced to the telephone to see who could answer it first. I listened to see who it was and heard: Hello? Who IS this and Whattaya want? "My name is Jack". Well . . . WHO is THIS and WHATTAYA WANT? Are you a SPY like I am? Who is THIS and WHATTAYA WANT? WHO? I DON'T KNOW NO JACK!!! All the time, the boys were laughing and giggling. YEP, Jack hung up and didn't call back.

~ Every time we are out and about lately it seems we run into traffic. The boys have it all figured out. "Mom, why are we in rush hour traffic all the time . . . it isn't even RUSH hour!"

~ While in the car wash today the kids were deciphering each step of the car wash process. EJ stated the spot free rinse was in progress . . . however, Cody disagreed . . . Nuh uhhhh . . . it is the RAIN X one 'cause I smell BUBBLE gum!
(apparently, Rain X smells like bubble gum)

Who knows what tomorrow will bring . . .
especially from MY boys!

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