Monday, September 24, 2012

W Family Wiener Roast!

Whew . . . the weekend is OVER!
It was certainly a busy one . . .
Saturday we were busy around the house.
Tidied up the DVD/videos . . .
Cabinets, game drawers and Randy worked on the boys' bathroom.
The boys played outside for quite a while and then came in to take care of their chores. We had a bit of a battle with them . . .
they didn't think they needed to actually do their chores, instead of just telling us they did them without actually doing them.
I received a lovely gift on Saturday evening . . .
a beautiful HUGE Mum.
Thank you so much Melissa, Josh and girls!
I felt so special!
Sunday Randy and I took some time out alone.
We vacuumed the school room and I tidied up.
We checked on the hedgehog and filled her water.
Randy "snuggled" her a while as I tidied up.
Once we were done, we washed my car and then drove to my Mom and Dad's house to drop of an Anniversary card.
Katelyn had remained home with the boys . . .
they were watching a movie.
After lunch, we all lay down for a nap, before heading out to a wiener roast.
We actually arrived early . . .
unheard of for us.
Pictures of our evening:

Our beautiful hostess and three of her kiddos.

The ZIP LINE was a HUGE hit!

Our host and a few of his bumpkins.

I love the glow of the fire, the silhouettes of friends and the sky.

Hi Bryce! 
Hanging out and chatting.



I LOVE this photo of Mom and Baby!

Olivia and her bag of rocks!


Cameron and the zip line.

Love this little "Hillbilly"!

Silly Olivia!


Daddy and Son!

Ryan and the zip line.

Cody on the zip line.

Thank you so much W family!
We had a FUNTASTIC time!!!

Your family is a huge BLESSING to us!

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The Whitakers said...

We all had a great time with all of you! Thanks for sharing all the wonderful pictures! I hope we can all be together again soon! :)
Love, the Whitakers :)

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