Sunday, September 30, 2012

Update on Sickies, Pinball, Tidy and Bearded Dragon Gender Mistake

Good Sunday to you all!
I trust you are having a great day.

Today I am catching up on what I missed yesterday with all of the sickness & emergency vet visit.

The girls seem to be doing better today. In fact they both enjoyed a little white rice and chicken broth. They have kept it down  . . .
which is fabulous news! They continue to have the diarrhea, but it is definitely not like it was yesterday ~ every few minutes.

We have been working on those little things that creep up on us today. I have to say, I enjoy my lil' family working together to accomplish a lot in a short amount of time!

We tackled the pantry today . . .
had a bit of organizing to take care of.
I must say, I love a nice and tidy pantry!

Looking in toward the right.

Shown with the overhead lights out and the under the cabinet lights on.

To the left.

Again, overhead lights off and the under the cabinet lighting on.

Looking in with the door closed.
I LOVE my pantry!


Seeley Booth

Cameron reading to Seeley.

So adorable!

This past week, the kids learned what a pinball machine was.
Randy had purchased the one on the left about a month ago and then Batman machine on Monday.
After a few adjustments, she was up and running.

The memories of the arcade!

Randy, Ryan, EJ and cousin Keirah.

Ryan taking a turn.

The kids were THRILLED with the pinball machine and want to play it all the time. We are using it as an incentive to get their school work completed for the day.


Well, Mia has been bathed and blown dry . . .

the main floor is tidy . . .

bearded dragons are being cleaned as I write . . .

Speaking of Bearded Dragons . . .

Would you believe Artemis is a BOY and Apollo is a GIRL?

We could FINALLY determine their genders.

Ryan is bummed that Apollo is a girl!

He asked me a little bit ago . . .

"Mom, can I just keep thinking Apollo is a boy?"

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