Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Exhausted tonight . . .
it has been a very full day!

This morning Seeley Booth was neutered . . .
we picked him up this afternoon and he is doing well.

Our furry girls had beauty today and they are exhausted tonight.
I am ready to curl up with Beckett and call it a night!

My day was . . . 
ahem . . .
from the beginning.

Woke just before the alarm sounded this morning. I called for the boys to get up and going as I stepped into the shower.
Soon, Seeley Booth and Beckett were in the bathroom nosing at me in the shower. If it isn't kids it is dogs! lol
Anyway, I finished my shower and began getting myself together.
The boys came in one by one to brush their teeth and comb their hair. I was putting on my make up (or painting the barn) as I call it. The boys headed downstairs for breakfast as I finished up.
Soon we were out the door and headed to the vet to drop off Seeley.

We pulled into the vet's parking lot and Seeley decided to jump in my lap ~ not once, but twice. Beckett was pushed from her normal perch and my coffee was splattered all over me.
I sent Ryan into the office bathroom to get paper towels.
I took Seeley into the office to check him in.
Ryan was supposed to sit with the boys and they were to all behave themselves . . . yeah, right!

Once inside the office, I was told the surgery was scheduled for yesterday . . . however, my appointment card said Wednesday.
Bless her heart, our Vet said she could do the surgery today.

It wasn't long before Ryan brought Beckett into me . . .
"We can't STAND IT anymore!"
Beckett was fussing for me and gets quite loud in her crying.
Soon Seeley was taken back to get ready for the surgery and I headed out to take the furry girls to beauty.

Then the boys and I were off to school.

Mrs. P was already in the classroom when we arrived . . .
come to find out, baby will be making his grand entrance in the next few days, so today was her last day for a bit.
I took a photo:

She looks so adorable!

Class began as normal and Mrs. P held down the class while I took care of a few things outside the classroom.

Two of our new babies arrived in the parking lot today.
The dealership delivered Katelyn and my Cadillac XTS sedans.
We were thrilled!!!

After school, I picked up lunch and we made an unannounced visit to Grandma's house!


We enjoyed a few hours of visiting before we needed to pick up Seeley Booth from the vet. Randy picked up the girls and we all headed home. I put my "car belongings" in my new baby before Randy wanted to take it out for a drive. I left my purse in the car and he headed out for a drive. Once back home, he got out of the car and started to walk to the other side and he heard a click. The car locked . . . both sets of keys were inside.

I know Randy didn't want to tell me!!!
BUT, he did.

A quick call to the dealership and Onstar popped the locks for us.
We had not had the opportunity to hook up with Onstar, so we were in a bit of a pickle and so thankful the guys at the dealership could help.

Tonight, after Katelyn and I went for an ice cream 
cone dipped in chocolate . . .

I parked my new baby in the garage.

Katelyn's is on the other side of the garage and I couldn't get a good picture. Maybe this weekend!

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