Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sick Furry Ones, Today

Last evening before bed I heard EJ tell Randy . . .
"See ya after school tomorrow Daddy!"
(Hallmark moment . . . right?)
That was until DADDY decided to tell him . . .
"There is NO school tomorrow it is Saturday!"

Now all Mamas know that you NEVER, EVER tell your child the next day is Saturday!!! Telling the child it is not a school day is like telling them tomorrow is Christmas or something . . .
the kiddo will be up and atom EARLY!

As predicted . . .
he was up early! In fact, all four of the boys were up 
BEFORE 8:00 a.m. this morning . . . 
Saturday . . . which is known to be SLEEP IN day!
I am thankful Randy got up with them ~ I stayed in bed until
8:15 a.m. before dragging out of bed.

We did a few things around the house and I had intended to do more, but we have two sick furry babes. They have been sick since Wednesday and it escalated in Mia today. I walked into the laundry room about 12:30 p.m. or so and noticed a saucer size circle of something nasty on the floor. It was bloody diarrhea. I almost freaked out. I quickly asked the kids if all of the dogs were inside or were any out on our deck. Well, Mia was in the house and Emma out on the deck. Upon inspection of Mia's behind we knew it was Mia. I called our wonderful vet . . . however, their office was closed at Noon. I tried calling the cell number and only got the answering machine. So, I got myself together and headed to the Animal Hospital in Peoria with my two furry ones and two tag along sons ~ Ryan and Cameron. I was thankful they went along as they kept the girls on towels in the car.

After all of the necessary procedures - weight, temperature, listen to their heart, lungs, respiration the doc examined each of them and then ran some tests on the . . .
ahem . . . 
little sample I brought in a ziplock and paper bag.
The vet was thrilled . . . lol.
No bacteria, no nasty things, no parasites ~ all good news.
It was determined they both ate something that did not agree with them . . . "Taste of the Wild canned dog food". From there, their intestines and colon became irritated and inflamed, resulting in:

Gastroenteritis - the vomiting
Colitis - the bloody diarrhea in Mia
diarrhea in Emma

They were given subcutaneous fluids, anti nausea injection, anti inflammatory injection plus prescribed two meds to take beginning tomorrow. If Mia is not doing better by tomorrow, we are to take her back in.

Since we have arrived home, neither of them have thrown up.
They have both had more diarrhea, but it isn't explosive and every few minutes . . . instead twice in four hours for Mia and once for Emma. So far, an improvement! We shall see what tonight - tomorrow morning brings.


The kids seemed to have a pretty good day today.
They were building things together and for the most part, 
enjoying themselves.


What is in store for tomorrow?

Who knows! Totally a free for all!

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