Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Our Day . . . Doc Visits, School, Bicycles

This morning my boys all had Well Child visits with their pediatrician. Everything went well and they are all healthy.
Doc asked me if the three youngest snore . . .
their tonsils have always been HUGE so the Doc was curious about snoring. He mentioned it because many times large tonsils and snoring lead to sleep apnea when the child. My boys don't snore all the time and were negative for the other symptoms with regard to sleep apnea as well. We will continue to monitor them and get back to the Doc in a few months to inform him how they are doing.

They have all grown by leaps and bounds . . .
I was astounded at how much bigger they are from last year.

Ryan is now 56" and 80lbs ~ which puts him in the 69th% for height and the 74th% for weight.

Cameron is now 51 1/2" and 66 lbs ~ which puts him in the 24% in height and the 54th% in weight.

EJ is now 49 1/2" and 56 lbs ~ which puts him in the 23% in height and the 38% in weight.

Cody is now 46 1/2" and 46 1/2lbs ~ he is SQUARE! 
He is in the 48% in height and the 41% in weight.

Doc said they are continuing to grow well and doing just great!

Music to a Mama's ears!


After the Doctor visit, it was time for school!

The first part of my day looked like this . . .

Teaching my kidlins . . .
Answering questions . . .
Keeping them on task.

There were also a LOT of papers to check and give instruction where needed. I was pleased . . . it was a good learning day!

After dinner my evening looked like this:

Watching the boys while bike riding with Seeley bumming
treats from me. We also worked on the "shake" command.
Seeley isn't really interested, but Mama is pretty insistent he doesn't want to partake in the ritual of "shaking".

Of course, the baby of the family (in size) was right with us.

Seeley tried to get Beckett to play . . .
she wasn't interested . . .
in fact, she was quite crabby!

This kiddo was frustrated . . .
he is trying to learn his new BIGGER bicycle . . .
it keeps "throwing him" off.
It leans a bit more because the bicycle is bigger and the 
training wheels aren't.

These guys were EVERYWHERE!
(well, at least several houses down on the sidewalk)

Cody decided to lead Seeley Booth around.
He exercised Seeley REAL good . . .
poor furry babe has to be TIRED!

We are all inside now and the boys have had their baths.
Katelyn has made coffee and my cup is almost gone.
The dogs are all ready to go to bed, but are 
waiting on us to head there.

Since school has started I head to bed BEFORE 11:00 p.m.

Tomorrow - Thursday

Almost the weekend once again.

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