Monday, September 24, 2012


Today . . . 

a confession.

I am a keyboard/mouse snob.

At least that is what my daughter told me.

My computer on my desk in our classroom came with a regular keyboard and mouse . . . you know, the kind with the cord!?

Well, I have tried to get used to using a keyboard and mouse with the cord attached, BUT I have failed.

I simply could not stand it any longer . . .
the cords get in my way . . .
I ordered myself a wireless keyboard and mouse.

I was thrilled when it arrived late Friday afternoon . . .
I was even more thrilled this morning when I hooked it up.
It is a TRUE thing of Beauty!

I guess Katelyn is right . . .

I like it how I like it and I loathe corded keyboards and mice!
I simply have no patience for them.
I am a keyboard snob.

Whew . . . I am glad I came clean about it.

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