Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Catching Up

Question . . .
are these early days of autumn/fall kicking your booty?
'Cause they certainly are ours!!!
Seems like we are all ready to hibernate!!!

This morning we woke to rain . . .
I wanted to pull the covers up over my head and stay there!
I didn't want to get up, let alone "go to school"!
I did drag my raggedy self out of bed and am glad I did ~
we had a nice school day.

Seeley Booth is beginning to actually alert us that he needs to go outside. To say I am thrilled is an understatement!!!
He is a good boy and just turned 5 months old.
He stays pretty active with the boys and even likes to curl up by me.

Randy has been on the search for Pinball machines and a Juke Box.
Needless to say, he now has his Juke Box and not one, but two pinball machines. They all work, although one pinball machine is not nearly as old as the other and Juke Box. Today I sorted through 45 records and chose a few for the Juke Box. It was crazy to hear it play some of the songs I grew up with.

The boys took to the pinball machines like a bee to honey.
It was very sweet to see Randy with a big ol' smile as the boys made the pinball machine work. He asked me if I thought the pinball machine would replace the nintendo or the wii for them.
At this point, the boys are intrigued with the pinball machine . . .
not sure they always will be.

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