Monday, September 17, 2012

Beginning to Feel Like Fall!

This evening the rains came . . . 
and they brought a cold front along too!
The temps will be dipping down into the 40's tonight . . .

Since it is beginning to feel like Fall around here, I decided to 
soak some pinto beans over night and throw them in the crock today. I seasoned them and let them cook all day while we were taking care of schooling. Once home, I added in onions and mushrooms and cooked up some sausage . . .
then through it all together and let it simmer in the crockpot another hour or two. Made up some cornbread and Boom, we had a wonderful, filling and amazing dinner.

The boys ran outside while dinner was cooking and BEFORE the rains hit. It was good for them to get out and run, run, run!
We are so excited to have a neighbor boy come over to play!
The boys are THRILLED to see B come over and the boys get along so very well! Thanks L & D for letting him come and play.

~ Dinner and dishes are done . . .

~ Those pesky home work papers are done (although it could have been accomplished during school time, my oldest son decided he wanted to take it home for home work ~ who am I to argue!?!)

~ My desk drawer slider has been repair - 
crazy thing worked some rear screws loose.

~ Critters have all been fed, watered and played with.

~ Two boys have had their baths . . .

~ Two boys need to get their showers . . .

~ Lunches have been packed . . .

~ Mail has been gone through and 95% was discarded.

~ the bitty furry girls have been massaged . . .

It is now time for this Mama to relax!

Have a great night!

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