Sunday, September 9, 2012

A Little Photo Catch Up

This week MY little corner of the world was Accessorized FALL!
Our beautiful Althea and friend arrived with their truckload of beauty and spread it all around our home!

I absolutely LOVE the colors!

and the GORGEOUS Decorations they added!

Althea KNOWS what THIS girl likes!

We planted this basket early Summer.
Basil LOVES this spot!

More Whimsy!

Thank you SO Much girls!!!


It is FESTIVAL Time in Our Lil' Corner of the World.
 a LOT of "Art in the Park"
People bring their handiwork from all over to sell.

People come from miles around to attend the festivities.

This year Cindy Williams . . .
(Shirley Feenie from Laverne and Shirley)
(one of her public photos)

Although I did not get the privilege to meet her, my friend Kristi did and also had her photo taken with her!

I actually did not attend the festival ~ other than driving through.
It is unusual for me, but I just didn't have the urge to attend this year. Katelyn and Grandma did . . . and Katelyn brought me home a beautiful wooden bowl. I was thrilled and content.


We have been waiting for a few months for an order to come in . . .
Two of the three "items" finally arrived . . .
Although we have not picked them up yet, we did visit them today.

Katelyn and I are sticking with OUR colors.
She gets the "RED" one.

Her plate was already installed on the all new XTS Platinum.

It has already been serviced and is just about ready for Katelyn to take it home!

This photo is for Aunt Jeanette!!!
Check out all of this trunk space ~ really large!
Jeanette would want to know ~ how many bodies can it hold?!?
(a joke to measure how large the trunk is)
and the answer is Definitely 5 or 6!

This beauty arrived yesterday and has not been serviced yet.
It was locked up tight, so we couldn't get a "sit in" but we did get to  peek in the windows!

For some reason, Katelyn's baby was left unlocked.
So, we took advantage of the situation and checked it out!
Besides it SAID on the plates it was HERS!

Mia went along with us.

Love the little "whale tail" on the roof!

The headlamps with adaptive forward lighting - the turn the corner with the car ~ it is an awesome feature!

a Gorgeous Grill!

Beckett went along too!

Inside the driver door.

The boys are pretty excited too!

although they were a bit distracted in this photo!

We will bring you home soon . . .
at least we hope they are ready this week!

They both need Simonized, receive a software update and "Checked Out" before they are ready to go home.

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