Sunday, August 5, 2012


Where has this weekend gone?
I think I blinked twice and zingo, we are at Sunday night.

Our weekend we uneventful . . .
and in my house, that is a BIG deal!

A little REcap of our UNeventful weekend:

Friday night, Katelyn and I stayed up ultra late watching movies.
It was great.

Saturday morning, we slept in!
Randy got up with the boys and they hung out.

The boys are REALLY into the Olympics.
When I say REALLY I mean, REALLY . . .
trying to imitate the Olympians to the best of their abilities!
Which brings back the UNEVENTFUL weekend being a BIG deal!
They were trying just about every Olympic game they have seen.
Tomorrow I am sure they will try out their Olympic SWIMMING talents . . . I am taking them outside to the pool, 
weather permitting.

Today, the boys were able to play outside . . .
It was gorgeous!
They had a fabulous time of running, archery practice (nerf), playing catch, challenging one another to races and . . .

Ryan tried to convince the boys if the threw the bat . . .
it would be just like the JAVELIN!

Uh, don't think so Ryan!
I promptly put a stop to that.

Katelyn has been playing with this little beauty:
Her new Dell Alienware Computer . . .
It is S.W.E.E.T!

Today my To Do list kept me busy:

* laundry - I got to play with my new washers and dryers!

*processed photos from the baby shower we had on Friday

*laid out our homeschool calendar for the 2012-2013 year

*updated my calendars

*took care of a few graphics on our office signs

*updated Randy's Ipad

and I have yet to . . .

~ take a little cruise on my elliptical machine

~ read a little from one of my downloaded ipad books

~ have devotions

~ take time to chill out with Katelyn . . .

hmmmmm, better get moving - it is already 10:02 p.m.

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