Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Up Early

Early morning at our house!
Puppy training in progress and all of the boys are involved. 

At 6:00 a.m. we were outside ~ I watched the boys walk Seeley back and forth . . . back and forth. First Ryan walked him and then Cameron decided he would run him. Seeley ran back and forth several times and then he decided enough was enough and he plopped down in the grass. Cameron stood him back on his feet and walked him more. Then we came inside and Seeley had his breakfast. Soon after, he started to circle and Zoom . . . Cameron was right on it . . . outside they went! SUCCESS!!!

Our goal today ~ no accidents!


Today will be a little busy for us. This morning I need to stop in to the office . . . My Daddy's Birthday is Tomorrow! I want to have a few minutes to simply enjoy him without the kids. 

My Daddy will be 71 years old. Tomorrow . . . 71 things about my Daddy will be one of my posts. Should be fun.


August 17 is Randy's Dad's birthday . . .
He will be celebrating an 80 something birthday.


I also will be taking the girls to beauty and Seeley Booth into the Vet for his checkup, shots and identification chip.

I am interested in seeing how much he weighs.


After I drop Seeley off at the groomer, I will head home to work on paperwork and sort Cody's first 6 weeks of school seat work.
The kids always help me with the sorting . . .
should be a good time! lol


EJ and Cody are really "into" quoting movies, television shows and commercials. I don't mind that they do . . . I just insist they quote them right. So far this morning ~ and it is only 7:30 a.m., 
I have heard:

* Good ole Mr. Wilson

* Great Scott!

* Oh Tarter Sauce

* It's not fair getting a shot down there. Which is from SchoolHouse Rock . . . although it is: "Hey, It's no Fair giving a guy a shot down there." (bottom)

* Some Where Out There ~ from American Tale


It is going to be a long day!

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