Tuesday, August 21, 2012

TODAY . . . He Didn't give Up and Pictures

Whew . . . What a day!

We had a VERY full day and I am VERY tired . . .
I hope the boys are too!

This morning we cleaned a storage room and the boys played out.
We had a very late lunch - Papa Johns Pizza, bread sticks and wings. The boys ate and ate and ate!

After lunch, we took a bit of downtime in the family room . . .
I think we rested about an hour before Daddy came home.
Then we were back outside!

Seeley Booth played and played with the kids . . .
that poor puppy is exhausted EVERY night!
The boys keep him running and playing fetch over and over.
Ryan pretends Seeley is a police officer and Seeley chases, catches and arrests him . . . Seeley plays right along.

After the kids played for a bit they decided they wanted to ride their bikes. Cameron no longer has training wheels . . .
it was a LONG night of learning TWO wheels.

A few pictures:

Cody having an Apricot break!

EJ and Ryan were cleaning up some dirt that was spilled on the drive . . . teamwork.

Cameron was learning to ride without training wheels.
It was a L.O.N.G. evening!

Ryan tried the Apricot drink too!

Cameron did a lot of this.

EJ has gotten really good on his bicycle.

Ryan too.

Cody was being weird.

Beckett was watching her "brothers".

More crashing.
He wanted to give up, but
I told him "My boys NEVER give up!"

He trudged on . . .
he tipped left and right . . .
and into the flower beds.

Cameron was tired . . .
had chain grease on his legs . . .
sore legs and itchy arms from falling into the grass and plants.

We were ready to head inside for bath time when . . . 

This boy . . . My Cameron rode his bicycle down the sidewalk and back to the driveway!  He was VERY excited and happy he chose to keep trying . . . YES! HE DID IT!

(and he cannot wait until tomorrow so he can do it again)

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