Monday, August 6, 2012

Swimming Day

Today was swimming day at our house.
We headed out to the pool before 9:00 a.m.
We stayed out until 1:00 p.m. and the kids were hungry.

Beckett and Mia were the Official Puppy Life Guards . . .
they really kept an eye on things.

EJ was showing of his "muscles".

Cody loves his picture taken underwater.
By the time I had taken this photo, we had been out a while . . .
his fingers are ALL wrinkled up!

Ryan has seriously become a fish!
He is wrinkled up too!

I find it hard to get Cameron to sit still for pictures . . .
generally I have a ton of EJ and Cody, some of Ryan and hardly any of Cameron. Today I told him to get into the picture!


EJ insisted on making MOOSE ears.

Let the "Olympic" events begin.

My "Olympic" swimmers.

We had race after race.
My boys have really been watching those Olympics . . .
they were even trying to move their heads to the side while swimming. I have to tell you . . . it made me smile!


Ryan and Beckett


They all had a great time swimming.
Katelyn and I worked on tidying up around the pool area.
We cleaned under all of the furniture and washed down the pool patio. We also replaced and cleaned out the swimming gear chest.
The boys took turns helping as we needed.

After swimming, the kids were "starving" so Katelyn ordered up Papa Johns Pizza . . . the kids were thrilled.

After lunch we all sat down to listen to the book I am reading them. It wasn't long before the drowsy eyes hit.
We rested/napped about an hour or so . . .
then Daddy was home.

The boys are now in their jammies . . .
and it is coffee time for me.

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