Wednesday, August 8, 2012


The sound of rain tapping our windows . . .
such an amazing sound. I could snuggle in bed and listen to it for hours and hours ~ so soothing.

The sound of Ryan's Nintendo alarm going off at 5:00 a.m. ~
not a sound I want to hear that early! Oh Good - he turned it off.

The sound of Ryan's Nintendo alarm going off at 5:08 a.m. ~
an O.K. this is annoying kind of sound.
Randy got up to make sure it was shut off . . . Ryan had it next to his ear on his pillow and didn't hear it. Randy and I sleeping in our bedroom . . . WIDE awake upon hearing it.

The pitter patter of growing boy feet . . .
a sound I welcome each and every morning as I know someone is coming to take Daddy's spot in bed to cuddle for a little bit with Mom. (the little someone changes from day to day)

The sound of Katelyn's car pulling into the garage . . .
gives me a feeling of relief . . . she is home safe.

The small noise sounds Beckett makes each morning when she is ready to snuggle back up in bed . . . adorable.

The sound of my boys "pretend" to be in the Olympics . . .
makes me smile.

The squeal of guinea pigs while trimming their nails . . .
a sound to remind me to put something around their head so they can't reach my hands as I trim.

The sound of my boys working together . . .
gives me a feeling of joy.

The sound of the guinea pigs running around the piggie condo . . .
makes me smile.

The burping sounds my boys make and giggles that follow . . .
sends them the MOM look each and every time.

The sound of the kids welcoming Daddy home after a long day of work . . . Blesses this Mama's heart.

The sound of hearing my kiddos tell me "I LOVE YOU MOMMY" out of the blue . . . makes my heart soar!

The sound of my husband telling me "I Love You Sweetheart" . . .
still makes my heart beat a little faster.

The sound of God speaking to me . . . Unforgettable, Incredible, Awesome, Soothing and Precious. 

Sounds ~ Different, the Same, New, Repeated, Annoying, Precious.
Isn't it amazing how Sounds influence our day?

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