Monday, August 27, 2012

Snails Pace

The day is ticking by . . . slowly.

We have accomplished a lot, but it feels as if the day has been creeping by at a snails pace.

It could be that the boys have been on each other's nerves ~
it doesn't matter what they are doing, something always bothers one or more of them.

The boys were to tidy their rooms, have breakfast and then head outside to play. Seeley Booth was right on their heels to "help".

The boys played a long time outside while I kept watch on the deck. I had things I could tend to online via my iPad and am pleased it is all accomplished.

Seeley had been playing with the boys but was looking pretty tired and hot, so I had him come up on the deck with me.
He took a big long drink from the water bowl and then went to the deck railing to check on the boys.

It didn't take long and Seeley was back down with the boys.
Running, jumping and having fun . . . He totally loves it.

Finally, it was lunch time . . .
Pigs in a blanket were a HUGE hit and my boys ate until they could eat no more. Of course, the furry babes had a bite or two as well.

As I write, the boys have put in disc 1 of The Jetsons.
I love that they are INTO the oldies!
Makes me smile!

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