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Our New Addition - Long Post with Pictures

Friday evening we began a journey to Ridgeview, Ohio to meet the newest member of our family. We drove two vehicles . . . Our family of seven doesn't easily fit into any vehicle so instead of renting we simply drove two. Randy, Cameron and EJ were in Randy's truck; Katelyn, Ryan, Cody, Beckett and I were in my car. We headed out after Randy arrived home from work and had a chance to shower. 

We had already made reservations in Elkhart, Indiana for the night . . . we arrived there about 10:15 p.m.  It took everyone a bit to calm down and settle in for the night. Morning came too early . . . but everyone was up and going without much fuss. Katelyn remarked that she really doesn't appreciate Eastern time. Our drive to Elkhart was pretty nice . . . although it did rain much of the way. Plus we found out the hard way that EJ get car sick. Randy and the boys were driving along when all of a sudden Cameron said, "Daddy . . . I've kind of got a problem . . . EJ is puking!" Not really what Randy wanted to hear . . . especially when they were in his new Cadillac Escalade Truck! 

We took care of that the next morning by stopping at CVS first for Dramamine and a "bucket". We also picked up some Sea Bands, saltines, baby wipes and paper towels. 

Once at the Hotel . . . which was lovely, the boys wanted to swim ~ the pool closed at 10:00 p.m. Figures! We headed to our room and began bath/shower time. Randy began getting ready for bed when he asked where his medication was. Ummmmm . . . Medication . . .  uh well ummmmm ~ would you believe I didn't pack it? Randy looked at me puzzled . . . I NEVER pack light! He took his shower and then called to me again . . . "can you get me my deodorant?" Uh . . . sorry, forgot that too! Here is my SECRET! The look on his face was unforgetable, but he did use it . . . albeit reluctantly. What he didn't tell me . . . he was going to ask about his toothbrush but didn't want me to feel bad if I had forgotten it too! Although in my defense, I did pack his clothing and had everything he needed. I apologized for not having everything he needed . . . his response, "you ALWAYS pack EVERYTHING but the kitchen sink, but this time you didn't pack anything!" My response . . . "maybe I just didn't want to hear about packing too much or maybe your stuff just slipped my mind." Randy smiled and at that point I knew he was teasing me . . . whew, I felt better!

Morning came quickly . . . we were up and going at 6:00 a.m.

We headed toward Ridgeview . . . another 3 1/2 hours from Elkhart. We had been on the road about an hour when Randy began not feeling well. We pulled over . . . I drove the truck, Randy  got into the passenger seat of my car and Katelyn drove my car. 

We were to meet Irene, the breeder at her Vet office in at 11:00 a.m. and arrived right on time! We spotted Seeley right away went right over to "talk" to him. Irene also had three other Sheltie dogs with her . . . one was to have puppies and the other two were there for checkups. The dogs were absolutely gorgeous!

After a bit of "get to know one another" chat and paperwork exchange, we were on our way once again . . . this time in reverse.
We had a very long day ahead of us.

Randy and Katelyn were in the truck with Cameron, EJ and Seeley. Ryan, Cody, Beckett and I were in the car. In case you are wondering, YES the "Are we almost there?" "Is that Chicago?" "Is that Pekin?" and "Are we almost in Pekin?"  Questions began pretty quickly in both vehicles . . . We did not miss out on those questions at all!

Randy and Katelyn had a lovely time of "catching up" on this or that. My car had a lot of catching up too! Cameron and Cody let me in on quite a bit of information . . . One of them let a stinky in my car (of course, no one did it) . . . I rolled the windows down to air out the car before someone died from asphyxiation. It was then that Cody remarked . . . "Daddy NEVER puts the window down when someone stinkers in his truck. He just makes us smell it!" O.k. then . . . good to know.

Some of the photos Cody took with my ipad:

 The Indiana Speedway

Cameron ~ Cody's backseat buddy.

another . . .

I am thankful I made him stop taking photos! I can't even imagine what would be on there!

We arrived home around 7:30 p.m. and Grandma arrived a few minutes later with Emma and Mia. We were all home once again, under one roof . . . 

The furry babes immediately began checking one another out. Initially, the girls freaked him out, but very quickly Emma and Beckett began allowing him into our home.

Grandma, Aunt Janeie, Kendra, Alyson and Jenna all visited and met Seeley . . . and he them. 

Everyone finally chilled out . . .
baths were taken and boys one by one headed to bed.
Everyone was exhausted.

Ryan took a half hour or so to play with Beckett and Seeley.

We all chilled out a bit this morning.

and then it was outside to play . . . 

Puppy time outside.

 We had a great time . . .
I took photos as the boys played ball with Beckett and practiced walking around the yard with Seeley on a leash.

Seeley surprised the boys when he began 
sitting before receiving a treat.

Beckett LOVES to retrieve balls. 

Seeley sits so beautifully. He was VERY into watching EVERYTHING! Before long he will be right by the
 boys' side all day long!

Everyone got belly rubs - (furry babies only)

 Each of the boys took time with him. Teaching and praising.
Little Beckett snuck in on this picture.
Cameron and Seeley were "chatting".

Cody was pretending to be a Ninja fighter.

I imagine Seeley will be playing ball VERY soon.

BIG Sister and Baby brother!

More to come . . .

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