Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Our Day

Our day was filled with things to do.

We began with breakfast, and then:

Lego adventures for a bit . . .
the boys were TOTALLY in for that!

After I had my shower, we worked on our classroom . . .
it is really beginning to come together.

The boys were excited to help Katelyn and I.
We only had one instance two of them decided to do as they pleased . . . instead of following Mama's instructions, they chose their own path instead. I had asked them to remove the plastic wrap on the poster frames, which they did. Then, the decided to remove the four strips that hold the poster in the frame.
The four strips being removed is not really a problem in itself, however when you add in six other poster frames of different sizes with all of the strips taken off and put into a pile, you tend to be at a bit of a disadvantage. It was rather like putting together a puzzle.
This mama was NOT thrilled, but we managed to get the posters in the frames and ready to hang.

Once we had done all we could do, we headed out and back home.

The boys put a movie in . . .
"The Lorax"
while I took care of some paperwork for the office.

Before I knew it Randy was home.
Where did this day go?

I helped Cody build a few Lego things . . .
He was thrilled!
I am getting pretty good with those little things ~
if I do say so myself!

Randy laid his laptop bag on the floor by the kitchen table.
Look who made herself comfy:

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