Friday, August 17, 2012

Our Day in Pictures

Most of our day was spent outside in the beautiful weather!
There was a beautiful breeze and the temps are only at 74 degrees!

Here is what kept us busy:

The boys decided scooters were in order today . . .
they love the sidewalk along the house from the driveway to the back of the house.

I enjoyed God's decorating!

So beautiful!

Mia hung out with me . . . although she still isn't feeling well.

Sit down scooters are fun too!

as are skateboards

When I was a kid, I would run over my own fingers with a scooter.

Beckett was on my lap and watched the boys.

Ryan was finally standing up on his skate board.

Emma relaxed

Smiley Cameron!

 Ryan was working out the skateboard down the hill thing.
 He had a few spills.

He told me that he thought he broke his butt. 

but, he was back at it. 

falling pretty often . . .
but learning along the way.

EJ was chugging his water.

 EJ on his scooter.

Love the concentration on his face. 

We had a good day . . .
no injuries . . .
at least so far.

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