Thursday, August 16, 2012

My Daddy is 71 Years Old Today

August 16, 2012 . . .
My Daddy's Birthday!

Happy 71st Birthday Dad!

I always like to make a list of fun, true or unusual facts about the "birthday boy/girl". So, here are 71 things about my Dad!

  1. Dad's Birthday is August 16, 1941
  2. His name Kenneth
  3. He hates the name Kenneth
  4. His middle name is James
  5. He goes by Jim
  6. Dad was an only child . . . his parents divorced when he was 3.
  7. Dad has several "step" brothers and sisters . . . some in Illinois and some in Wisconsin
  8. Dad is a "south paw"
  9. Dad used to get hit at school by the teacher for using his left hand to write
  10. Dad is "bull headed" and he will tell you that
  11. Dad is a born again Christian
  12. Dad LOVES to fish
  13. Dad has a tender heart when it comes to his girls . . . or grandchildren ~ yep, he is wrapped around those pinky fingers!
  14. Dad knows how to milk a cow ~ his dad was a dairy farmer
  15. Dad would do anything for anyone
  16. Dad married Mom on September 23, 1961
  17. Dad almost always wears a ball cap
  18. He is a handy man kind of guy
  19. Dad taught all of his kids to fish
  20. Dad let me shoot one of his shotguns when I was about 12. It had quite a kick - one he didn't let me in on. I found out when I was picking myself up off of the ground. 
  21. Dad's nickname is Buzzard . . . Katelyn gave it to him when she was three.
  22. Dad loves his nickname.
  23. Dad sings to each of his children and grandchildren on their birthday ~ the Happy Birthday song . . . although he sings badly (and he knows it), he takes great joy in sharing is "ability".
  24. Dad is retired from Caterpillar, Inc.
  25. Dad loves to take the "scenic route" when on vacation. It always takes a lot longer to arrive at our destination!
  26. My Daddy had a truck when I was younger . . . he named it Ole' Blue.
  27. My Dad can fall asleep at the drop of a hat . . . I am like him.
  28. Dad snores . . . loudly
  29. Dad is a tightwad . . . and he will admit it
  30. Dad is allergic to chocolate and strawberry
  31. Dad hates lemon and cherry
  32. Dad is amazing to me
  33. He is a people person
  34. Dad is a fair man
  35. He is not afraid to speak his mind
  36. Dad loves to tease his grandchildren
  37. Dad is very protective of his family
  38. Dad gave me my "birds and bees" talk . . . I was 17.
  39. He belongs to a fishing club
  40. He drinks his coffee black
  41. Dad has always been a Cub fan 
  42. He also roots for the Chicago Bears
  43. Dad was an Awana Commander for several years . . . he loves kids
  44. When I was little, Dad worked two jobs.
  45. Dad is funny.
  46. Dad has three daughter and one son.
  47. Dad has one daughter in law and three son in laws.
  48. Dad has 15 Grandchildren . . . Austin, Katelyn, Gabrielle, Abigail, Kendra, Alyson, Jenna, Ryan, Gavin, Cameron, Evan James, Calvin, Cody, Nolan and Anna
  49. Dad teases the boys that he LOVES the color PINK.
  50. My Dad had a beard and tried to trim it . . . his beard is gone now.
  51. Dad LOVES a good fish story
  52. He loves Black jelly beans ~ I think they are nasty.
  53. Dad burns like a lobster ~ usually on his knees during a ballgame or fishing
  54. Dad has been told time and again that he needs to write a book.
  55. Dad's sixth great grand uncle was Captain Kidd.
  56. Dad is not totally technically challenged . . . he surfs the net.
  57. Dad is a pack rat
  58. Dad does not like tattoos . . . especially on his grandchildren or children
  59. He likes to take his grandchildren in his boat - fishing
  60. Grandpa loves to give noogies and at times . . . wedgies
  61. Dad has a special barber . . . me. I touch up and shape the hair he has left.
  62. Dad says things like . . . dough bellied creep, doo dad, cotton picker, colder than a well diggers foot in the klondike
  63. Grandpa likes to take my boys for ice cream.
  64. Dad has always wanted to have a grand daughter named April.
  65. Grandpa hand wrestles with Ryan.
  66. Dad's tools . . . a hammer and duct tape.
  67. Dad likes to play practical jokes.
  68. Dad says, "A good cat . . . is a dead cat". He doesn't like cats.
  69. Dad was ALWAYS the puke cleaner upper when we were growing up.
  70. Grandpa like to call up the kids and pretend to be "ROTTEN SNEGGLY" He talks in a strange voice and says things like, "Hellllo lil girl . . . this is rotten sneggly . . . is your mama home?" to my kiddos . . . they always guess it is him. 
  71. Daddy . . . My Daddy's shoulder is ALWAYS there if I need it. We have had the sweetest Daddy and Daughter moments . . . and I know if I need him . . . He will Always be there.
Mom and Dad's Anniversary party last year.

Dad and my niece Gabrielle at her Graduation party.

Mom and Dad with my niece Gabrielle.


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