Thursday, August 23, 2012

Looking Back

Looking Back . . .

Yesterday I realized I had not made Shutterfly books from Christmas 2011. Sheesh . . . what a FAILURE!
I absolutely INSIST that I take photos and make books . . .
I don't like to scrapbook, but love the ease of making a book.
Just in case you are wondering . . .
TWO out of THREE books are now complete!

Anyway . . .
as I was getting photos from my hard drive I came upon several
years worth of photos. I have to tell you . . . they made me smile!

Looking back . . .

Oh the Memories . . .

Cody with Great Grandma 


Cameron all ready for school.

Katelyn, Ryan, EJ and Cameron


Cody and his new shoes

Goofy Ryan

My Indians Cameron and EJ

Grandpa and Cody


Ryan my Indian

Cameron my Indian

EJ my Indian

all ready for Thanksgiving Feast Day

Katelyn . . . our pie baker

Katelyn working her glass
Aunt Janeie and Cameron



Cameron and EJ

Dirt piles . . . during our addition and remodel

Is there REALLY such a thing as TOO dirty to a boy?

Aunt Janeie and Lucy


My kiddos

 Taking a walk



Helping with Pie Baking

 Daddy's Birthday

The Harlem Globetrotters and Our Family 

A lot has changed in these past years . . .

our children have grown

the kids' interests have changed

our home has undergone a total transformation

the sights and sounds of our lives change

loved ones have passed on . . .

one thing has not changed . . .


We are Truly BLESSED!

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