Monday, August 27, 2012

It has Been a Day . . . Ended with a Bang

Tonight I am not feeling the best . . .
kind of yucky . . .
I am sure it will pass,
hopefully soon.

This afternoon I took the boys outside to ride their bicycles.
They are really enjoying them and use their imaginations while riding up and down the side walk. They tend to play "traffic", police, chase and simply ride. They are all doing really well operating their bikes . . . with a few exceptions.

Cameron was riding quickly down the sidewalk, crossed our driveway and t-boned EJ's bicycle knocking EJ to the ground.
Apparently, Cameron continues to ignore my warnings concerning the use of the BRAKES on the bicycle.

Thankfully, no serious injuries . . .
however, I am certain more bicycle type bruises will crop up.

Cameron also fails to watch for cars backing out of driveways . . .

Thankfully, Katelyn was paying attention as she was pulling out of the garage and driveway.

So tomorrow, Cameron will be restricted to ride only our driveway and our next door neighbors. The restriction will be in effect until Cameron can show a bit more responsibility on his bicycle.

Ryan's seat needed raising . . .
that boy is growing by leaps and bounds.

I raised his seat for him and thought his tires needed a bit of air.
I put a little air in the tires . . .
or so I thought I put in a little air.

Ryan rode off down the sidewalk when all of a sudden I heard a 


I watched as Ryan looked back at me as if to say . . .
"What in the world!?!"

I knew immediately what had happened . . .
Ahhhh NUTS!
I apologized to Ryan ~ 

Ryan, I am sorry .  .  .
apparently I overfilled your tire!

Katelyn went to the store to pick up a new tire inner tube.
She came back with two.
Daddy took over from there.
He put the new tube on and aired it up . . .
and then . . .


At first I felt pretty good . . . I am not the only one that can blow an inner tube on a bicycle. Well, that was until it was relayed to me that the new tube blew because the tire was damaged as well.

I guess accomplished a lot!

An entire new tire for Ryan's bicycle!

Yep . . . He owes me big!
(insert a big roll of the eyes)

(we will be heading out tomorrow to get a new tire and tube for his bicycle . . . I feel really stupid!)

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