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Those were Cody's words early this evening after the jet ski he, EJ and Randy were riding turned over.

Let me start at the beginning . . .

I had a great idea!
Take the kids out to tube.
Sounds fun, right?

The boys get their life jackets and we head down to the lake . . .
not far . . . just a walk from our deck, down the stairs, across the patio, through the grass and onto the patio by the lake. 
Once at the boat, Randy lowers the lift down.

Uh Oh . . .
BIG problem!

The lift was all the way down and the boat was STILL not in the water. Ahhhhh Nuts! The lake was still too low for us to take the boat out, which means we can't take the boat out to pull the kids behind on the tube. 

However, we do have jet skiis.
Hey, Randy . . .
do you think the jet ski will pull the tube?
Sure . . . no reason it won't.


You pull the tube (good thinking on my part) and I will follow, take pictures and watch the boys.

Sounds like a plan!

Out on the lake, the kids were having a blast . . .
Well, at least Cameron and Ryan were . . . 
EJ and Cody chickened out.

We began with all four boys on the tube . . .
then two decided they really didn't want to tube.
Randy stopped so the youngest two could get on his jet ski.
I was to the side so I could watch the boys and pick them up if they fell off. It also gave me a chance to take a few pictures.

After loading up again, Ryan took the opportunity to stand on the tube for me to take a picture.

Cameron seemed to be in the water more than he was on the tube,
but seemed to enjoy it.

The hardest part of tubing is actually getting back on the tube.

It is always a great thing to have a "buddy" to help get you up out of the water and back on the tube.

 After Cameron had fallen off more times than I could count,
I told him to swim to me and climb up on my jet ski.
That left Ryan by himself on the tube.

Ryan was thrilled!

So, Ryan was off and climbed back on.
Off they went.

Things were going well until Randy stopped again.
He and I were "chatting" and while we were idling . . .
the tube drifted next to the jet ski.
Randy began to take off slow ~ 
he probably should have straightened out first . . .
when he began to go, the boys must have turned to see Ryan . . .
when they did they along with the turn and the tube caused the jet ski to turn over . . .
it did NOT upright itself as it normal would.

This all happened in the blink of an eye . . .

The next thing I saw . . .
the jet ski upside down and nothing else.

As I pulled up closer to the jet ski to locate Randy, Cody and EJ . . . they each popped up . . .
one at a time. 

Thank you God for Life Jackets!

I asked Randy what happened, but couldn't hear him because Cody was Freaking out! 
"Mommy . . . come over here and get me Mommy!"
I inched closer and told him to calm down.
He was hanging on to Randy tighter than a baby monkey!
I talked to him and calmed him down.
He was safe . . . everyone was.
There were no injuries . . .
Randy has always been very careful when on 
the jet skiis with the kids.
The jet ski turned over because he wasn't 
moving and became lopsided between the tube and the kids.

I had Ryan and Cameron get back on the tube.
EJ and Cody climbed up the back of my jet ski and I took them home to Katelyn. Then, I headed back to get Ryan and Cameron.

By the time I reached Randy, he and one of the lake residents had got the jet ski upright once again. However, it had taken on quite a bit of water and would not start.

I had a tow rope in my little compartment on the jet ski . . .
we hooked up the rope and the guy that came out to help had us tow it to their beach. Once there, they tried to get the jet ski started again . . . to no avail.

The decision was made to tow the jet ski home . . .
the neighbor offered to help.

He began towing the jet ski, but the new rope and clip came apart.
The jet ski then drifted to one of the 
retaining walls around the lake.
They tried to pull it away from the retaining wall, but the jet ski became lodged on something in the lake.

Another neighbor came to help.

They had to lift the jet ski off and over whatever was below the water there. The jet ski was floating once again.
Randy decided to have me tow him home.
We hooked up the jet ski and I very slowly pulled the jet ski and Randy home. The jet ski had taken on so much water when it was upside down that it was lopsided.

We arrived safely back to the dock . . .
I parked my jet ski on the lift, grabbed the tow strap and threw it to Cameron so he could hold it so it wouldn't drift.
All of the kids came out and pulled the jet ski onto its lift.
Remember, the water is down and we usually drive the jet ski onto the lift . . . it took a little muscle, but our crew all worked together and got it parked safely on the lift.

Water was pouring out of the jet ski when we headed into the house. Until the water was out of the inside, we could not check out the jet ski and see what it needed.

Water half way up on the motor . . .

EJ was telling me "the adventure story"

Although he didn't think it was as awesome as the older ones did!

We all headed inside . . .

Katelyn baked cookies . . .

She and Randy drove to the neighbors house on the other side of the lake and delivered the cookies as a Thank You!

Randy went outside a few minutes ago to check on the jet ski . . .
Would you believe it STARTED!?!?!

Tonight, we are TRULY THANKFUL . . .

~ for fun

~ for safety

~ for good lake neighbors

~ for the jet ski to start after the water emptied out


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