Friday, August 24, 2012

Horrendous, Nasty Smell

I hope and pray my day doesn't continue to follow the same path it started on this morning. Why? You just might be sorry you asked!

A little after 6:00 a.m. I was awakened to a horrible awful smell.
I knew immediately what the smell was and the source.
I opened Ryan's door and was hit in the face with MORE horrendous nasty smells. I looked in his room and THERE IT WAS . . . by this time, I am sure you know what I am speaking of.

How could something SO NASTY come from this?

This cute little (17 lbs +) puppy!

Apparently, Ryan did not fully zip the kennel that Seeley sleeps in.
He escaped out the left side and left Ryan a . . .
ahem . . . present!


Seeley Booth is doing pretty well overall.
He turned 4 months old on August 22.
I had him in the yard the other night and he learned to "SIT" on command within 30 minutes time.


Seeley is fitting in with our family very well.

He loves to run in the yard with the boys . . .
they play fetch and he returns the ball and/or frisbee to them almost every time. 
When he is done playing he won't return it to them. 

He is very calm overall, but the boys can certainly wind him up!

They told me this morning that when he was outside he ran up to them . . . "made a stinker" and then walked to another part of the yard. I told them . . . it was payback!


As I write . . . the boys have Seeley outside to . . . 
well, do what dogs do outside.

Me . . . my second cup of coffee is waiting and then ~
I need to head out to the office ~
my Dad needs a haircut.

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