Monday, August 6, 2012


Every year at this time . . . I post this:

The Staples Back To School commercial from 1996.

I am usually giddy with excitement . . .
school was going to start VERY soon and 
the kids are going BACK!!!

Kids going to school = Freedom 4 me

This year, as you probably know, is changing all of that!

We are Homeschooling all of our boys!



I am certain we are going to have the ULTIMATE of
adventures while we learn.

So, instead of the Staples Back to School Commercial . . .

This one seems more fitting for us this year:

What do you think?


TJ said...

I hope it all goes great! I homeschooled Morgan last year, and I am so ready to ship him off this year! He needs someone that isn't mom to push him now.

Sabrina C. said...

I love the Tim Hawkins video. I am only homeschooling one child. My daughter is 13yrs. and she loves to do her school work. Praying that those 4 boys do not wear you out.

Sabrina C. said...

I am only home schooling one and she loves to do her school work. Praying that all those boys do not wear you out.

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