Tuesday, August 14, 2012


Boys are Boys . . .
it doesn't matter if the boy is a HUMAN or a DOG . . .
they are VERY similar.

Seeley has really taken to Ryan . . .
he follows him everywhere.
He sleeps in his room.
He LOVES Ryan.

He likes the other boys too, but Shelties tend to PICK one family member and attach to them. Ryan was Seeley's choice.

The past few days has been fun and interesting AND
entertaining! Ryan is learning exactly what boys are about
AND his comments have been hysterical!

Boys are so alike ~ doesn't matter if they are Human or Dogs:

* they eat ALL the time
* they are full of energy
* they are noisy
* they are fun to be around
* they dribble when they pee
* or miss their "spot" all together
* they are messy eaters
* it doesn't take much to make them happy
* they love being praised
* they love treats

Ryan's comments:

* Come on Seeley Booth . . . Really?

* You HAVE to go outside . . . the sooner you do the sooner you will be done!

* Seeley Booth, Why did you smell my butt? 
That is just sick and wrong!"

* Seeley made an oooops at the back door. It was Ryan's turn to clean it up. He walked up to it and gagged . . . covering his mouth and nose he said, "Oh my . . . that is NASTY! I think I am gonna puke! That is SICK and WRONG!"

* I think he REALLY loves me!

* He is my BEST friend! Apollo too!

* He has to poop again?

* Seeley Booth . . . GOOD BOY!

* Ryan picked up Seeley and quickly noticed the difference between a boy and a girl dog. "Awwww Man, Seriously . . ."

Seeley Booth is definitely a wonderful addition to our home.
As far as I am concerned . . . what is one more boy when you have four already! Welcome to the family Seeley Booth!

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