Thursday, August 30, 2012

Argyle = Cool?

This is What it Looks like at Our House today:

Yep, we are STYLIN'!

Even Seeley Booth thinks so!
Look at him checking out Cody's socks!

Oh yeah! He's Rockin It!

Cars shirt + Argyle socks = Totally Cool 6 year old!

O.k., maybe not in Your World or My World . . .
but my 6 year olds world . . .
Totally cool and rockin!

Cameron and EJ are just hanging out.

Little Beckett

Beckett, Emma, Seeley and Mia are enjoying little Charlie Bear snacks . . .

I guess Seeley wasn't getting them quite fast enough!

Beckett has been busy "kissing" Seeley and Emma this morning.
Mia is crabby.

Isn't he pretty?

Who knows what will be up for the rest of the afternoon!

Have a GREAT Day!

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