Wednesday, August 29, 2012

a Farm?

The yuckies seem to be passing through our home.
Tummy issues and headaches.
Even three of my furry ones.
It is hard to be cheerful when your head is playing its own version of a drum choir song.

A call to the vet and instructions to treat with Pepto.

The humans ~ rest, bland food, tylenol.

Tonight I made baked chicken, green bean casserole and sweet corn. There is little left over . . .

I roasted two big ol chickens . . .

bake a batch and a half of green bean casserole

and sweet corn.

They can't get enough Green Bean Casserole . . .
so once again, no left overs. In fact, EJ came for an extra helping of GBC but it was gone. Extra corn ~ he finished it up.

Feeding GROWING boys can be quite a challenge!

I am beginning to think we need our own grocery store.

O.k. Maybe not an entire grocery store . . .

a farm would be nice . . .

or a big of flock of chickens . . .

I saw Williams Sonoma sells portable chicken coops and fenced areas for chickens! Check it out . . . they even have a book to teach you about Chickens . . .

I was all excited ~ until Randy told me that he didn't think our lil' area of the world would appreciate chickens in our back yard. I am quite certain if the peeps wouldn't appreciate chickens . . . the cow and goat are out too!

1 comment:

The Whitakers said...

Oh Julie,
Don't be sad you can come and visit our chickens anytime you want! Less mess that way, and you get to stay in your house! :)
Kristi :)
ps:hope your all well soon.

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