Thursday, July 19, 2012

Wednesday Happenings

It is late and I should be getting to bed, but thought I would post a little of our day before I say good night.

Today was ultra busy in our home.
We did not venture out except to get the three girls (dogs) 
from their day of beauty.

It was a super day to stay inside . . .
the thermometer was in the triple digits today . . .
the heat index was extreme and dangerous.

Everyone is cautioned . . .

don't be out in the heat if you don't have to . . .

Never Ever leave a child in a vehicle . . .

Never Ever leave a pet/animal in a vehicle . . .

Don't leave your pet outside . . . 
especially without shelter, food and water.

Within the past seven days or so I have heard of two little dogs dying from the heat. One was left outside in the sun without shelter or water and the other a young pup was left inside a vehicle while the owners ate inside a restaurant and then went shopping for an hour and a half. What is wrong with people?

Not to mention the children that were left in the same vehicle the young pup died in while the parent was in the vet office with the dead pup. Again I ask, what is wrong with people?


I spent my day preparing my grade book for my boys classes this year. I have two of the boys classes and assignments for the first nine weeks, the grading scale and the grading categories with % filled in . . . you know . . . quizzes are worth 25%, tests are worth 50%, exams are worth . . . you get the picture. I am thrilled to have Grade 4 & 5 ready to begin the first nine weeks of the new school year. Only first and third grade to go!


A few funnies from my day . . .

Randy and I were trying to program the auto garage door opener in his truck . . . we managed to un-program all of the remotes!
Way to go slick! Right?

We did get them re-programmed PLUS the truck too.
Since everything un-programmed we had to reprogram each of the cars too! No . . . we couldn't believe it either.


The boys couldn't understand why anyone would have a waterbed.
Why would someone want water in their bed?
I tried to explain to them that in the late 70's and 80's people had beds that were filled with water and they were kind of like a water balloon, but big and flat so people could sleep on them.
One of the boys popped up with . . .
well, did they pop easy?
My answer . . . well, I suppose they could have.
Then they all started giggling about "WATER beds".


After we picked the girls up from beauty this afternoon, I treated the boys to McD's for a late lunch. The drive thru line was long, so the boys had plenty of time to chat. I was getting Alice a Frap drink and the boys asked me what that was. I explained it was a cold coffee drink. Cody immediately said . . . "I like cold drinks, I think I would like one of those coffees too!" To which Ryan exclaimed . . . "Cody you are only SIX years old and you are NOT old enough for a coffee . . . but the NEXT time we come I am gonna have one!" (Ryan will be 10 in September . . . but his statement made him sound like he was 20 or 30 years old.)

With that . . . I say good night ~ or should I say good morning?
It is 12:03 a.m.

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