Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tonight in Pictures

The boys are getting their baths . . . my Mi-Ki girls are chasing each other around the house. The guinea pigs are chattering away. Katelyn is showering and I have just sat down to make my post for the day. 

This weekend was RELAXING to the MAX. We did a few little things here and there, but nothing major big. This evening we all went outside to the pool and had a family swim . . . all seven of us PLUS the three furry ones. It was nice and VERY refreshing! 

Some photos of our swim adventure:

Mia, Beckett, Randy and Cameron

Randy and Cody

Beckett - not so sure she wants to swim tonight.

Ryan jumped and and sunk down to the bottom.

Ryan loves the water.

EJ loves being under the water.

Mia watched closely to see if the float would go near the side so she could escape!

Cody has really taken to the pool this summer.

Look Mom . . . I am not covering my nose!

Shooting a few hoops.

Cameron watching Beckett on a surf board.

Mia is swimming.

Beckett's turn to swim.

Swim baby girl, swim!

Oh Dear . . . not a good look for Mia!

I am sure they are thinking . . .

Ryan chased down Emma . . .
so she could join in the fun.

I don't think she was thrilled!

Emma fell in and went under twice.

Katelyn and Mia

My lil' Shark boy.

and as the sun begins to set . . .

Our family wishes you a good night and great week ahead!

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