Monday, July 9, 2012


Our "Alice" was in a car accident this past weekend. Please pray for her healing - shoulder and knee. Bless her heart!

So, this week we are on our own. Shouldn't be a problem . . . we will just all team up together and accomplish everything that needs to be done.

This morning began with coffee for me . . . breakfast for the kids. Katelyn and Mia slept in for a bit. After breakfast it was time to get busy . . . stripping the beds was on the agenda. The boys were all to strip their beds and bring down their sheets. Ryan brought me down sheets . . . he alluded the sheets were the dirty  . . . the ones stripped from the bed. However, the sheet corners were tucked in, the sheet still had the fold creases in it and it smelled freshly washed. Needless to say, I was not happy that he lied to me and tried to "put one over" on me. He was instructed to head back upstairs and get his bed taken care of. 

Cameron promptly stripped his bed and put new sheets on. Cameron also helped me strip my bed. EJ worked on his ~ although it took a while. Cody . . . well, let me just say he is STILL "working" on it an hour and a half later. 

We, Cameron, Ryan and I cleaned the three lizard cages. Then we gave them each a soak in the bathtub. While we were cleaning them, Katelyn picked up crickets. Once the crickets were in their container and upstairs . . . Cameron promptly knocked them on the floor and we had crickets everywhere. Grrrrrrr  The lizards were fed and given fresh water.

On the main floor, three loads of laundry have washed. One bed quilt is drying outside. The guinea pig condo has been cleaned out and they have been fed . . . those little piggies definitely LOVE to eat.

Lunch time has come and went. Mail has arrived and gone through . . . no bills . . . woo hoo! 

Vacuum hose is PLUGGED. Nice! Gotta get something to run through it . . . We used Randy's "snake tape" there was a long twisty wire tie thing from the bow and arrow packaging. Glad it is not clogged now . . . plenty of vacuuming.

My twin nieces Alyson Grace and Jenna Marie are ELEVEN years old today! HAPPY BIRTHDAY GIRLS! I can still remember when you were teeny tiny little FOUR pounders! I hope your day is AWESOME!

Well, that is about it for now . . . I see a lil' nap in my near future!

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