Friday, July 13, 2012

Today ~ Movie, Poop, Rain

The boys are upstairs watching television with Daddy.
Katelyn and I are on the main floor chilling out . . . sis is reading and I am writing, both have yummy fresh ground coffee.

We had a pretty good day today . . .
I can count THREE in a row in the good day department.

All I can say is . . .

Thank You God and
To God be the Praise!

This morning we all chilled out a bit ~ no one seemed to be in a rush to get out of bed at all. I love those mornings, especially since Randy and three of the boys are ALL early birds.

The kids had breakfast, made their beds, tidied their rooms and got dressed while I took my shower and began getting ready for the day. The dogs were all hanging out with me . . . they usually can sense when we are going to be heading out the door 
so they stay close by.

Alice was back yesterday and was busily working around the house. Thank you so much for all of your prayers. I have to say, she is a walking miracle! Praise God she walked away from her car accident and wasn't seriously injured. She is always smiling and she said she missed us all so very much. The boys gave her plenty of love and hugs . . . even the dogs gave her big puppy kisses.

Anyway, as I was getting ready Alice called for Katelyn. Apparently, one of the dogs had a poopy accident in Cody's room and he had found it . . . with his foot. Well, instead of him calling for help, he decided the best thing to do was wipe his foot off.

(The child that had the poopy foot.)

Initially this doesn't sound like a bad idea . . .
I would certainly wipe the poop off my foot if I stepped in it!
Well, in my son's six year old brain, he didn't choose the proper cleaning off method . . .

You know ~ toilet paper, baby wipes, wet paper towel.

 Instead, he decided to wipe his foot on the wall across from his bedroom and be done with it.


I know some of you are grossed out, some of you are shaking your head and others of you . . . those with twisted minds ~ are laughing. Yes, Jeanette . . . I know you are laughing!

Jeanette is my adorable, two years younger than me, sister. Jeanette has two girls ~ Gabrielle is a Freshman in college and Abigail is a Senior in High School.

Anyway, Cody got to help clean up his little "ahem" poor choice and probably won't do it again.

Can I just interject a little something here?


Moving on . . .

After we were all together, we headed out the door. 
Little Beckett began crying right away.
This little girl is 3.2 lbs of sweetness and definitely a Mama's girl!
She is my "shadow" and wants to be with me ALL THE TIME.

Mia was sad . . . but doesn't cry . . . she just mopes.

and Emma just stared at us. 

Alice picked up Beckett and told her she would be o.k.
We all waved goodbye, got into the cars and headed out.

First stop - lunch at a local diner.

Then to the movie theater ~ 
we arrived just as the previews were starting. 

I took these photos with my cell phone.

 The movie began with little Scrat.
He is hysterical and we "love" him.

The movie was cute and held every one's attention.
Peaches is a typical "teenager" she wants to be all grown up.

Manny is a Daddy that doesn't want his little girl to grow up.

Sid the Sloth's Granny came to live with him.
Well, actually his family came for a visit and then left Granny with Sid. (Sid and Granny are two of my favorite characters.)

Peaches has a best friend . . .
"Wiener" Peaches betrays her best friend to be popular.

Ellie and Manny are typical parents and want the best for their little girl but she doesn't quite understand.

 Diego the Saber tooth finds a girlfriend.

 The "pack" runs into plenty of adventure and teaches the meaning of teamwork and friendship.

 Granny is a hoot ~ don't want to spoil her for you!

 There are plenty of laughs.


and fun. The movie was entertaining and we all enjoyed it.

As we left the theater, the sky was clouding up and it looked like rain was on the way ~ we  were hoping for rain anyway!

Once home, we all chilled out until Daddy came in the door.
Then everyone had fun stories to tell him.
I just smiled as I know he was a bit overwhelmed hearing "the story of the movie" from four little boys all speaking at once.
The next thing I knew he was heading outside with the boys.
We weren't outside ten minutes and thunder began rumbling.
We did not have lightning, but plenty of thunder . . .
and then the skies opened and the rain came down.
The boys played . . . wrestled one another while getting drenched from the rain. Randy and I were sitting on our deck while enjoying the sound of the rain . . . with occasional yelling from our four little boys having a great day.

I guess we will chalk this day up as a great one . . .
AND  we get to mark another item off of our BUCKET LIST!

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Anonymous said...

Sounds like quite a day! Hope you have a good carpet cleaner :)

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