Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Tired, Boys, Pies, Tomorrow

Do you ever have one of those evenings that you are totally spent?

That is where I am tonight . . .

This morning I took care of some office paperwork and then headed to the hair salon. I took Ryan and Cameron with me as I don't like to leave all four with Mrs. S. Katelyn generally keeps track of the boys when I have appointments, but she was busy this morning with a dental cleaning and check up. So, it was the boys and I  . . .  and a VERY busy/noisy hair salon. Everyone seemed to be getting their hair done today! Sheesh!

The pizza dude delivered lunch to my hungry boys . . . at home AND the hair salon! The boys were thrilled! One of the stylists told me I should get a "Mom of the Year Award"! I laughed at the comment . . . it was sweet. I instructed the boys to make sure to not be messy and make sure to remember their manners. They ate until they were filled to the brim . . . I have to say, they can really put away pizza! A LARGE pepperoni, sausage & pineapple pizza with bread sticks and a diet coke. 
Needless to say . . . we didn't bring any pizza home!

After all of the "white" highlights were covered with beautiful natural browns, we headed home. Katelyn was just finishing up pie baking and Mrs. S had the boys reviewing school work.
I quickly set down at my computer and down to business.
There was plenty for me to take care of for the office and I was happy to be home in the air conditioning. You could say I pretty much submerged myself in my work as the boys and Mrs. S played some games. Mrs. S is AWESOME and great with the boys . . .

The boys decided it was time to give Mrs. S a run for her money. I try not to step in when Mrs. S is here . . . they were REALLY trying her patience this afternoon. The boys continued to "do their own thing" so the games were cancelled, the boys were returned to me and Mrs. S ESCAPED went home. Bless her heart.

Once Mrs. S was gone, I turned to my three youngest boys.
I am quite certain they KNEW without a doubt . . .
Mama was NOT happy.

Immediately, I marched those little instigators up the stairs, instructed them to get their sleeping bag and pillow. They were then instructed to meet me in my sitting room.

If you have read my blog very long, you will know that non listening ears result in nap time. As the boys lay down I grabbed my Ipad and turned on Turning Point with David Jeremiah . . .
our my nap time listening preference for the boys.

We did manage about an hour of quiet before Daddy arrived home.
I headed to the main floor and each of them followed.

Dinner was quick and easy . . .
sandwiches and chips.

Apple pie for dessert.

These two pies are for tomorrow:



As I write, my wonderful husband is outside taking care of the pool for tomorrow. I am not sure if the kids will swim or not as an adult or two will need to be outside with them and the temperatures have been HOT, HOT, HOT!

Our July 4th will most likely be inside . . .
except when cooking the hamburgers and hot dogs.

We are also celebrating the adoptions of all four of our boys tomorrow. We plan to simply enjoy each other AND celebrate our family. Yummy food is a PLUS!

In case I don't post tomorrow . . .

Have a VERY Happy July 4th!

Stay Cool, Stay Safe and


Gotta go . . . Randy just upset a hornets nest.
(the insect kind . . . need Benadryl!)

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