Sunday, July 15, 2012

SO . . . I lost it!

It is FINALLY Sunday night. Today has been the absolute longest day! Not really a horrible kind of day, but a very long one.

Last evening Randy and I took a late night swim in our pool. The pool was refreshing and it was wonderful to be able to swim and chat . . . just the two of us. Katelyn stayed inside with the kids ~ of which were to be in bed.

Today the HEAT kicked up again so it was hot, hot, hot. We all remained inside . . . the kids played, Katelyn worked on a drawing, I did laundry and Randy worked on his project. 

Randy picked up Arby's for dinner . . . the kids had McDonald's. After dinner I asked everyone to pitch in to make sure the house was tidy. I THOUGHT everyone helped as I had asked, until I walked into our library. 

Did you feel a HUGE rumble from the Earth's core around 8:00 p.m cst? Yeah, that was me! The items the boys picked up where stuffed into and on top of my library books. In drawers that are specifically for other things and shoved here and there. 

A week ago, I spent several hours sorting and tidying the video drawers, coloring book drawer, curriculum drawer, game cabinets, etc. I opened the coloring book drawer to put a book away and found it a shambled mess. Just as I was surveying the mess, One of my boys came into the library and dumped an armload of paper right on top of the drawer mess. For about 20 seconds I stared in disbelief at what my son had just done . . . I couldn't believe he had dumped an armload of paper in the drawer, especially after I had just asked . . . "What is this mess?"

After staring at the drawer mess for about 20 seconds I began unloading the drawer . . . all of it onto the floor. I then instructed my sons to "get some garbage bags". No longer will I have to be concerned about those three drawers. 

Needless to say, the boys were quick to clean up the remaining items quickly before they found their way into the garbage bag too.

After I finished "cleaning" the crayon and coloring book drawers, I walked out of the library and into the kitchen. Katelyn had made me a cup of coffee . . . it was waiting for me on my desk. Bless her heart!

As I sit here sipping my coffee and writing, I think back to how many times I have instructed, told, reminded and even scolded my boys about the importance of doing a good job. Put your things away where they belong so you can find them the next time. How many times do they simply choose to "do their own thing"? How many times does the thought come across my mind . . . I should just let them leave a mess - I can simply close the door or ignore it.

But, as a Mama, I need to teach my boys continually and never give up. I often tease "One day I might see that they actually GET it . . . BEFORE I die!"

The Bible reminds me . . . 

"Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up."   Galations 6:9

Tomorrow is another day . . . 

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The Whitakers said...

Just keep swimming....Just keep swimming my friend! :) Love you.

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