Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Snippet about Raising Girls and Boys

Being a Mom was ALWAYS what I "wanted to be when I grew up". God answered that prayer beginning 19+ years ago and in the years since 1993. Five children later, I find myself content . . .
happy with where we are as a family. Seven is a wonderful Family number for us.

Our daughter, Katelyn has always been very compliant. She rarely disobeyed and in fact, told on herself if/when she did something "wrong". We were totally spoiled as parents of Katelyn.
I can only remember ONE instance of which I was exasperated with our Katie . . . she was two years old and would throw a temper tantrum if she didn't get her way.  I felt totally defeated as a Mom ~ (if I only knew what BOYs could do to a Mom's confidence back then!) I remember chatting with Trish M, our Pastor's Wife. She told me to simply ignore her tantrum . . . look away from it. I reluctantly took her advice and turned away from Katelyn every time she began a tantrum. I can still see her little face the first time I turned away from her . . . she had the look of question on her face. She continued to try the tantrums to get her way and I continued to turn away and then added in Walking away into another room when the tantrums began. This frustrated Katelyn so she would go to each room with me and begin the tantrum right in front of me. I continued to walk away from her each time. Katelyn stopped the tantrums . . . she didn't like "performing" a tantrum for herself. She found no purpose in tantrums since they didn't "reward" her with the result she was looking for . . . getting her OWN way.

Parenting boys is a total different way of thinking. My four boys keep me on my toes. I am amazed each day at the things they will try to get away with. God made girls and boys different . . . in each and every way. The only ways I can think of that my children are all alike . . . they each need love, teaching, support, direction and discipline.

We continue striving to teach them:
  1. To love one another . . . unconditionally.
  2. To be patient with one another.
  3. To work together.
  4. Respect for each other AND Mom and Dad.
  5. To follow directions ~ they have to listen fully to hear all of the directions.
  6. To be obedient.
  7. Be responsible for their own actions.
  8. No Sassing
  9. No arguing - with mom or dad; or with each other
  10. Make good decisions
  11. Be a Man of their word
  12. Help others
Each and every day begins new . . . 

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