Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Sky is Falling

Today was finally cool enough the boys could learn to use their Nerf "like" compound bow and "arrows".

Daddy had to check out the bow and arrows to make sure they were "safe" before the boys tried them out. Of course, then he showed them how to use them. 

Cody loaded his up.

Ryan and Cody


They can REALLY go FAR and HIGH in the SKY!
Our poor neighbors!

The boys took right to the "how to" of shooting an arrow.
I am so thankful our neighbor doesn't mind the boys in his yard.

Beckett thought she was Chicken Little and the sky was falling.
I had one whip right past my right eyebrow and one land right in my lap . . . thankfully, they didn't hurt.

Beckett and Mia ran and ran around the yard . . .
Mia decided ti was time for a water break.

It didn't take long for Princess Beckett to simply lay down and watch the boys in action.

There were little boys and arrows everywhere!
I have to say, if you need a great gift for a little boy . . .
this bow and arrow set is really cute and seems durable.

The boys had hours of fun.

Especially when the sprinkler system turned on.

Except when this little guy decided to argue with his Daddy . . .
didn't work so well and he had to sit out for a few minutes.

Before long they were back at it . . .

and the "sky was falling" once again!

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