Saturday, July 14, 2012


Our relaxing day has been ULTRA Wonderful!
The boys enjoyed a movie while Randy and I took a lil' nap.
We ended up with two of the boys joining us.

Once up from our lil' nap, I decided to make dinner . . .
well, maybe it was breakfast . . .
but it was for dinner.

The kids were beyond THRILLED!

Homemade chocolate chip waffles, scrambled eggs and sausage.
Plenty of toppings for the waffles too.
I made Randy a special waffle . . .
I added hot pepper cheese to his when I put it in the waffle iron.
He LOVED it!

The sign of a good meal is SILENCE at the dinner table.
As you can see from the full mouths . . .
there was little talking during dinner.

Yummy Waffles and REAL Butter.

Cody insisted we take a photo. Real smiles would be nice, but are not necessary!

Take a picture NOW Mommy.

I LOVE this photo! Looking at their cheeks -  full up!


Sorry Sis!

Ryan was wiping syrup from his mouth.

Quotes from dinner . . .
I didn't like it . . . I LOVED IT!
Best meal I ever had!
These waffles are DDDDDDDDDDDDelicious!

I interrupted Cameron's eating to take a picture. 

Our verse for today . . .

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ML said...

Those are some big waffles! They look delish! Your boys have really grown this past year. Happy Sunday!

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