Thursday, July 26, 2012

Raising Boys . . . Not for the Faint of Heart

Randy and I consistently teaching our boys about telling the truth.
Not a day goes by without a "telling the truth" lesson.
I have listened to Randy tell them,

"You MUST be a Man of your word!"

People will remember what type of person you are.
Always make sure you are what you want people 
to remember about you.


There are other things, of course, to teach boys and the list could go on and on and on. Here is a little list of the teaching that occurs in our home on a regular basis.

Brush your teeth . . . 
What do you mean do you have to use toothpaste?

Time to take your shower . . .
Son, there is no way you can shower in 30 seconds time. It takes longer than that for the water to get warm.

Put the garbage in the garbage can . . .
not on top, not behind, not in the neighbor's yard . . .
IN the CAN!

O.k. who pee'd all over the toilet seat and floor?
(all boys answer NOT ME! - more truth training needed)

No, you cannot have a chocolate bar for breakfast.

Do not call your brother Doo Doo head!

Do not call your brother stupid, idiot or butt head.

Go and put a clean shirt on . . . you have plenty in your closet.
What do you mean your closet is empty?
WHY are they under your bed?

Why don't you have any underwear in the laundry?
What do you mean you forget to wear them?

Who just walked past me and made it smell bad?
(no one EVER confesses to that one)

Do NOT pee in a water bottle and hide it in your room EVER again, do you understand?

How in the world did you hurt yourself? You were in the basement alone! How did you hit yourself in the eye with your knee? Where you jumping around and/or off the couch again? How many times have we told you NOT to jump from couch to couch or dance around like a fairy? We try to tell you so you don't get hurt.

Throwing a note in the garbage from your teacher does not make a problem go away. It simply makes the problem bigger.

The room is not clean and tidy when you stuff everything into your closet because you don't want to put it away.

Ewe . . . o.k. maybe I won't share that one.

You get the picture . . .
Our lives are never dull and we wouldn't trade it for the world.

I want to add . . . we have plenty of fun and laughs too. It is just that this post is about Raising boys . . . Not for the Faint of Heart.

I truly believe God laughed aloud when he created little boys!

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