Wednesday, July 11, 2012


Attitude, Sass, Grumbling, Arguing, Hatefulness, Disobedience . . .

The "stuff" that makes PARENTING so very hard.

These past weeks of summer have been challenging.

Everyone wants to do their own thing . . . regardless.

Consequences to those actions are met with the stink eye, pouting, sassing, stomping off . . . you know, those things that make you as a parent feel like you are failing in the parenting department.
When they become not only a daily but often times hourly occurrence . . . it becomes overwhelming for any parent.

My boys have been taking a lot of afternoon naps . . .
many times by afternoon I am simply exhausted from the minute to minute refereeing, instructing . . . parenting.

The irritating thing . . . they know better.
Our children know what is right and wrong.
They know what they are allowed to do or not do.

This past Sunday we were all at the dinner table after dinner.
Randy and I had been tag team parenting all day . . .
I am thankful when he is home to endure "share" 
those parenting challenges!
I decided to speak up . . .
tell the boys how frustrated and challenging they have been.
I also told them . . .

I am Done with all of the fussing, fighting, arguing, poking at one another, hatefulness, sassing, attitude and disobedience . . .

They each looked at me with their mouths open.
They had the look of WHAT? WHO? WASN'T ME!

I continued . . .

There will be no more warnings . . .
the reign of terror on our home is OVER!

We will work together, love one another, obey, respect one another, do what is expected and stop all 
of the "do whatever I want" nonsense. 

Monday morning the challenges began and I immediately
took charge . . . no warnings.
The day continued . . .
they were slow learners, but I continued.
Needless to say, three of my boys had a lot of time to "think".
Privileges were revoked . . .
Extra chores were given . . .
the television was OFF . . .
electronic games put away . . .
no wii . . .
Sitting right by mom "enjoyed".

Tuesday, the challenges were less.
Although one of my boys decided to "test" mom as soon as his feet hit the floor, by late afternoon our home was in "sync". 

Randy arrived home from work . . .
surveyed the "strange calm" in our home and asked me
"What did you do?"
What do you mean, "What did you do?"
His answer . . . "the boys"!
My answer . . . "no more warnings."

After dinner, we all enjoyed family jet skiing and
EVERYONE had a great time.

Keeping track of four little boys and their "choices" can be exhausting. Directing/teaching them to choose wisely may seem like a daunting task . . . especially when it seems to be each and every minute of the day. However, when our home is calm (even though the boys are noisy and quite active) you can feel it . . .

the serene ~ the retreat ~ the home

The place you WANT to be because everyone you love is there.
Home . . . the place you seek to help wipe away the stresses of the day. The place you seek to relax and enjoy. That SPECIAL place filled with LOVE and SUPPORT.

Each and every day comes with its own challenges . . .

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