Monday, July 2, 2012

Our Day

Daddy is home from the office . . .

Dinner was quick and easy ~

"Alice" made Tostadas . . .
Genuine Mexican!

Ryan was all smiles! It wasn't spicey!

Had my little cowboys at the table . . . EJ in the front and Cody behind. They enjoyed the Tostadas too!

Cameron thoroughly enjoyed this yummy Mexican delight!

My furry ones really enjoyed the meat on the Tostadas!
They had a little REAL whipped cream for dessert.


Today was a bit of a struggle.
The heat in our area makes it a bit dangerous for the boys to play outside. Cody doesn't seem to sweat, so letting him play outside could actually be lethal for him. So, the boys were inside ALL day.

We watched movies . . .


Puss in Boots

and then . . .

We had a Mork and Mindy marathon until Randy arrived home.
(we can mark another item off of the bucket list)

Stay cool everyone!

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