Thursday, July 12, 2012

Our Day in Pictures

Our home is NOISY this morning . . .
The boys are revved up ~ 
for no particular reason other than they are BOYS.

Each are taking time to READ to me.
I bought some really nice books from Usborne.
They are thrilled!
We are working on smooth reading . . .
it may take a while!

Ryan went to work with Daddy today and is enjoying himself.
The boys each LOVE to go into the office and manufacturing plant with Daddy . . . there is so much to learn.
Of course, the "go to work with Daddy" days also include yummy breakfast and lunch at some of their favorite restaurants.

Our flower containers are looking full and beautiful . . .

Katelyn made a Macaroni and Cheese lunch . . .

After lunch, I took the boys out to the pool.

My lil' sidekick was with me.

We set under our large umbrella ~ it was 91* outside and sunny.

Cameron likes to pretend to fly.

Which makes for some fun photos.

Cody has really taken to the pool this summer. Buff little dude.

I was the "watcher" over the pool toy.
My nice refreshing water . . . couldn't love it more.

This little girl was getting pretty warm . . .
so, I sent her inside after about a half and hour.

Big ole splash!

EJ caught a little air.

Fun photo

The swimming fun came to an abrupt stop . . . 
two of the boys began arguing.
We headed into the house and they all were given the opportunity to take a nice nap.

The day has been a pretty good one . . .
I could take a few more like it ~ well, minus the arguing.

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