Sunday, July 29, 2012


Today we didn't have a "schedule" of things to accomplish.
We simply did WHAT ever.

Round about 2:00 p.m. the boys asked when we were having lunch.
I actually forgot about it ~ besides, they ate breakfast pretty late.
So I made what I called: Slupper . . . Lunch + Supper.
We began eating about 3:00 p.m.

Randy was tired, so I told him to go up and take a nap . . .
he did, which was pretty rare for him.
The boys, Katelyn and I stayed on the main floor.
The were quite wound up and I didn't want them waking Randy, so we all laid down too. I turned Turning Point on and we all chilled out. The next thing I knew . . . it was 6:00 p.m.
I really wish I would have taken pictures of my crew spread out all over the family room . . . it was a sight to behold!

I was the first to get up . . . next was Katelyn. Before long the boys began waking too. That nap was just what everyone needed.

I went into the kitchen and began prepping green beans.
Katelyn bought some fresh green beans at Kroger the other day and they needed cleaned and prepared.
Cody came into the kitchen and wanted to help . . .
I put him to work on green beans . . . he was happy.
Before I knew it I had another helper and then another.
They were all chomping at the bit to eat again . . .
so, I put them all to work.
We had a pretty unconventional dinner/supper.

Fresh green beans and corn on the cob.

We love the taste of the local harvest!

While I was preparing the green beans and corn, three of my boys were busy with the other part of our meal . . .

 Cody and EJ were busy making "ants on a log" - Peanut free.

We use:

We have grown to LOVE it!

They were having a blast!

Cameron was in charge of cheese and crackers.

Busy at work . . .
such concentration!
They have been playing "Order Up" on the Wii!

EJ served the first plate of "ants on a log" to Daddy.

After a little switch up of "cooking jobs" Cameron joined EJ making the "ants on a log" while Cody took over cheese and crackers. I had quite the crew working in my kitchen.
So did they!

Such Cooking Skill!

I have to laugh . . .
Cody decided to make Daddy a SPECIAL treat . . .

Cheese and Crackers - Colby and Hot Pepper with butter, Wow butter and raisins. Randy is quite fortunate I overheard the giggles  ~ they weren't allowed to "serve" that SPECIAL to Daddy!

As you can see, Dinner was a success!

and because I know you are wondering . . .

the cooking mess wasn't too bad!

The boys helped clean up and dry dishes.
Katelyn washed the dishes but told me I couldn't take her picture because she was in her jammies!


Mia really liked the green beans.

Beckett had green beans too.
She curled up under my desk after dinner.

The dishwasher is running . . .
the boys have had their baths . . .
this post is written . . .
time for coffee.

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