Wednesday, July 4, 2012

JULY 4, 2012

The day is beginning to wind down here in Central, Illinois.
The City Fireworks Display has concluded and people are making their way to parties or their homes. 

Holidays are special everywhere, but it seems those Summer Holidays come with a bit of extra fun when you live on a lake. 
Residents and their guests began enjoying the lake early today.
Boats were out pulling skiers, tubers and knee boarders all day.
Some boats were taking the leisure cruise, while others lived a bit more dangerously.

Our boys headed out to swim after breakfast.
The weather has been horribly hot and the pool water felt like bathwater until Randy flushed the pump and filter emptying a bit of pool water so we could add fresh COOL water to help cool it a bit. Swimming in water that feels like a bath is NOT refreshing!

We had a few family members over for a smallish type cook out.
Hamburgers, Hot dogs, brats - the eating kind, not the kid kind!
There was a yummy noodle salad, chips and dip.
We tried to keep everything simple due to the heat.

Desserts were a highlight . . .
They were BEAUTIFUL!

 Beautiful Peach Pie

Scrumptious Apple Pie

Yummiful Tres Leches Cake!

and Beautiful Mexican Jello Flowers

Aren't they gorgeous???
Yummy too . . .

The sun is setting . . . 
Fireworks will be starting soon.

Cody was excited . . .
we took the boat out on the lake to watch fireworks.

Watching the Fireworks soar in the air over a body of water . . .

Taking photos while on a boat with four little boys . . .
not so easy! 

There were several photos that looked like this:
I kind of missed the firework.

Fireworks were exploding all around us.
There were even those little paper lanterns going up in the sky.
(The ones like they send up on the "Princess' Birthday each year.)
It was fun to see them go up higher and higher. 

It was still 90* when we went out . . .
the boys were wiggly and some pictures blurred.
But I didn't want to post without a few BOY photos.
(Katelyn remained inside the air conditioning.)

Daddy at the helm.
(Ignore the dusty windshield.)

The day was nice . . .
our Celebration a success.
Everyone had a great day.

(except maybe Emma . . . the fireworks FREAK her out!)

G'night all!

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