Wednesday, July 25, 2012

It's The Little Things!

This morning we ALL slept in . . . it was WONDERFUL!

I should note . . . 
Randy was up and out of the house at normal time for work.
He is such a great Husband and Daddy!
I am so thankful for HIM!

Breakfast was slow and easy . . .
in fact, it was so slow it was almost lunch time.
That didn't stop the boys from eating lunch at normal time ~~~
I think they could eat 24/7.

The boys were thrilled to find our order had arrived.
Inside those blue and white boxes . . .
favorite cereals & yummy snacks
They were bouncing with excitement . . .
Yep, it is the LITTLE things!

We marked another item off of our Summer Bucket List . . .
For many of you, this will be a blast from the past:

Mork & Mindy

The kids were glued to the back to back episodes of Mork & Mindy. Me, not so much . . . but . . . it is the LITTLE things.
(Ear phones and Ipods/ipads come in VERY handy!)

I had all of their attention . . .
I put on my ipad and began playing little songs about the Presidents of the United States.
Before I knew it, they were dancing and trying to sing along.
It is the LITTLE things!

Left Overs for dinner . . .
they love them . . .
especially PIZZA!
Happy Boys!
It is the LITTLE things!

Planning for our school year 2012-2013 . . .
I am letting them help plan out our classroom.
They are so excited!
Yep . . . those LITTLE things!

Being a Mom to FIVE, four of which are boys under ten I find it is the LITTLE things that make a huge difference in our day.

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