Friday, July 20, 2012


Today, July 20 is my Birthday.
I wasn't quite sure how I would feel turning another year older, that 50 number gets closer and closer every year.
I have actually thought about it a lot these past few days.
You know what?


Surprisingly, I was not overwhelmed with the "new number".
I even ENJOYED myself today . . .
and had a TON of fun!

I have been blessed with more Happy Birthday Wishes than ever before and smiled with a grateful heart as I read each one!

My day began with a telephone call from Sears delivery . . .
at 7:30 a.m. Of course, I was "sleeping in" and the telephone woke me. Was not really a problem though. I confirmed the delivery and promptly fell back to sleep until almost 9:00 a.m.
The clouds were plentiful this morning, so the boys actually slept in! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!

I got out of bed, showered, dressed and headed to the main floor for my first cup of coffee . . . of which I thoroughly enjoyed!

It wasn't long before Sears Delivery guys were at my door.
They were a HOOT and VERY nice.
They brought me these beauties . . .

They are AMAZING and VERY quiet!

My Mom came to watch the boys about 11:00 a.m.
She brought home grown cucumbers . . .
of which I can't wait to eat!
Mom came to watch the boys so Katelyn 
and I could go out for lunch. 

Katelyn took me to lunch at Granite City.


Here are a few photos:

My beautiful Katelyn.

a peek at the menu

Me getting ready to take a sip of my yummy refreshing drink.
Katelyn was snapping away . . .
we have some VERY interesting photos.

Katelyn's yummy delicious Strawberry drink ~ (virgin).

Fresh baked bread.

Heart Attack on a plate . . .
but oh so yummy to share with someone you love.

Over Lake Sandwich and steamed broccoli.

My yummy delicious BBQ Chicken and Bacon Flatbread

This was a surprise from our waitress.

This was our waitress . . .
she was wonderful!

We left Granite City with several take home boxes . . .
the meal was yummy and very relaxing!

When we arrived home . . .
we my Mom playing Uno with the boys.
They were having a wonderful time.

My beautiful Mom.

After Mom left, we all headed into the family room to watch Dennis the Menace . . . the television show.

Everyone took their "spot".

We laughed and laughed.

The boys now pretend to be Dennis.
(insert a somewhat concerned mama here)

Randy ordered me this beautiful cake.
It seriously was too pretty to eat!

"Alice" brought it with her this morning when she came.
Her daughter Liz made it.

Randy went shopping alone the other day.
He gave me this!

and these. I wore the earrings to lunch today.

Wrapped with a pretty bow.
They are SO beautiful!

This baby bird was hand carved . . .
a gift from my Mom and Dad.
Isn't it gorgeous?

Ej gave me a few of his favorite things.

Cameron made me this little I LOVE YOU out of Lego.

Cody gave me some of his favorite things too.

I received these beauties from our Niece Melissa, Nephew Josh and the great nieces . . . Aliyah, Keirah and Noelliah.

After dinner and cake we had a little fuzzy wuzzy creature time.
The girls love the guinea pigs.
Gibbs was checking them out just as they were checking him out.

Emma was excited to see them too.

I received this BEAUTIFUL gift from "Alice" and her family.
It came all the way from Mexico!

As my Birthday ticks away . . . I feel . . .






and most of all . . .


Thank you everyone for making my Birthday VERY Special!



Cindy Cain said...

Happy, Happy Birthday Julie! Sounds like a great day! And those appliances, WOW!! Wish I had just one set, they are beauties!!!

Julie said...

Thanks Cindy!

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