Saturday, July 7, 2012


HEAT . . .

My area of the world . . . 
Maybe I should say OUR STATE has been under a
HEAT advisory for the past week and a half or two.

Today has been the HOTTEST day of the HEAT wave . . .
as I write the temperature is 104* with a heat index of 107*.

It is TOO HOT to do anything outside!
This includes taking a swim . . .
not refreshing . . .
feels much like very warm bath water.

Randy took the boys outside first thing this morning . . .
they were back in within 15 minutes.

was the statement when they came back inside! 

We are keeping our furry ones inside, except to go potty.
We are carrying them to the grass so they don't burn their little feet on the sidewalks.

Tomorrow is supposed to cool down . . .
upper 80's to low 90's.
They claim it is a COLD front . . .
I personally don't see any COLD, but will
take the cool down, even if it is only a few degrees.

The boys are looking forward to running outside and having fun.
I am looking forward to it too ~ they need to get out 
and run some steam off!

Like most areas, we could use rain too.
A good ole' fashioned thunderstorm would be awesome!

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