Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Getting Ready for Home School

Tonight, July 17 has me thinking about the upcoming school year. I generally am just about ready to post the Staples back to school commercial and sing the yippees that school is starting within a month. This school year will be different . . . different than we have ever done. This year all the boys will be Home Schooled . . . Yes, all four of them.

We enrolled the boys in Abeka Academy Online Streaming program. Ryan actually participated in in the second semester of the last school year and did very well academically . . . although we did have a few challenges. We have received our curriculum and have two of the boys' papers all sorted and put together by day for the first nine week session. I feel like I am on a bit of a roll today . . . I have taken care of as much of the "classroom" as I could think of . . . in the way of ordering. 

The classroom . . . I have thought about our classroom over and over and over in my head. First of all the location. Last year Ryan had his desk, computer and books (which take up quite a bit of space) stored in the library and brought to the kitchen each day. With four of the boys home schooling, that lil' procedure won't work. I have gone over areas of our home in my mind . . . the basement, the library . . . everywhere in our home. I simply cannot picture our classroom. A few months ago Randy suggested we use an area in one of the buildings we own. In fact, he had the perfect one in mind. Right now the building has several vacant rooms - 1/2 of this building is not in use and the other half is one of our business storage facilities. Prior to deciding to change out a room in our home or utilize one of our buildings I talked things over with Randy and Katelyn. We talked about the Pros/Cons of keeping everything at home verses the Pros/Cons of having an away from our home classroom. The Pros of an away from home classroom weighed heavily compared to keeping everything at home. The building is a minute away from our business offices and manufacturing facility . . . basically less than ten minutes from home. There is plenty of room for the classroom AND for the boys to be able to move around a bit.

Tonight I found myself "nesting" I guess you could call it. I was ordering things needed for our four grade classroom. I can't wait to get it all put together!!! 

Tomorrow we will be sorting the two grades of papers for the first nine weeks. I go through the planner and we put the lesson for each subject together and staple them. Lesson 1 - Math, History, Science, Language, Penmanship, Art, Bible. Lesson 2 - etc.

Katelyn is going to help in the classroom Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays as she can. I am excited to have her help. Maybe Grandma can stop in one day a week to help with Art! lol

As our Home School classroom takes shape I will take photos and post them for you to see. As our home school adventure begins, I am sure I will have plenty of stories to share and of course, more pictures.

Well, that is all I have for tonight.


Sabrina C. said...

My kids have used the Abeka DVD's for 5 years now. The one thing that I do not like about it is that the tests seem to be very hard. I have looked through the lessons and the corresponding tests and there is alot of material that is on the test that is not covered in the assignments or that is vauely covered in the chapters themselves. Doe's you son do well on the tests? I would love your input. Do you have your son do the Bible lessons? or just the main subjects like public school? By the way Happy Belated Birthday! :)

Julie said...

Hi Sabrina . . . I am not sure how to contact you, so I thought I would just post my answer to your questions.

Ryan does not have trouble with the tests. Could the DVD and the video streaming be different content?

If Ryan is not sure of an answer on a test ~ we look over the question to make sure he understands it. If he truly does not know the answer, I look it up in the book/work sheets. I have always located the answer . . . but I only home schooled him the second semester of last year. I may run into the same thing you are this next school year.

This year all four of my boys will be working through all of the classes including Bible. We are excited about the upcoming school year and are busy getting supplies.

I have been busy putting together my teaching grade book online. At the top of my blog there are some tabs - right under the header. I will be putting all of my home school info and stories there. Simply click on the Home School 4 Boys tab.

I would love to keep in touch with another Mom that is using the Abeka!
What grade(s) will you be working with this next year?

BTW, Thank you for the Happy Birthday!

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